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          Product Recommendation
          • TORONT

            Symax's commercial lifts has industrial-leading technologies, adopts high-efficient and ... More...
          • SMART Passenger Lift

            "Refined intelligence and heritage, and imagining the big from the small", SMART is... More...
          About us

          Symax Lift (Holding) Co., Ltd.
          Symax Lift (Holding) Co., Ltd. is a North American listed company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Symax has always been committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, providing electric products, lifts and barrier-free products of best quality for global customers, and setting foot in biomimetic technology, new materials, new energy and...


          China-Pakistan friendship center is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. This project is a key project inaugurated by Premier Wen Jiabao. All lifts and escalators of this project are directly supplied by Symax Lift (China) Co., Ltd... The Symax machine-roomless lifts adopt creative design and occupy less space at the top of shaft; the escalators are...

          Symax Lift (China) Co, Ltd.

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