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          Realization of Leap-and-bound Development with the Aid of Capital Market — Symax Lift “New Three Board” Listing, Singing and Launching Ceremony

          Update time:2015-04-14 10:38:00 Clicks:3882 times

          On Apr. 14, 2015, “Symax ‘Lift New Three Board’ Listing, Signing and Launching Ceremony” was held in SYMAX LIFT (CHINA) CO., LTD.
          SYMAX LIFT (CHINA) CO., LTD., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symax Lift (Holding) Co., Ltd (a company listed in Canada), is a R&D focused company which integrates R&D, production and sales of lifts and building supporting lifting appliances into a whole. Sales network of Symax Lift is distributed in 87 countries and regions all over the world. There are 18 domestic sales branches. APAC Marketing Headquarters is located in Shanghai World Financial Center. Symax Lift always adheres to the vision “people oriented and future customized; continuously improving quality life” and the mission “providing customized lift solutions for customers”, and has won the favor of the market and customers.
          The new three board listing, signing and launching ceremony marks the company has reached a new stage of modern enterprise development road of domestic stock system reform and listing. With successful launching of listing and singing ceremony, Symax Lift will, under the care and support from municipal and regional leadership as well as coordinated cooperation of professional institutes such as SOOCHOW SECURITIES, RUIHUA CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS and Tianlun Law, make efforts to complete various surveys and declarations of new three board listing over the next three years.

          Objective of new three board listing of the company is not only great decision-making location of corporate management and development, but also the beginning for the company to meet more new greater challenges. New three board not only can provide new financing channel for the enterprise, but also can introduce strategic investors; bring funds and simultaneously introduce standard corporate governance, thus laying capital and governance foundation for enterprise enlarging and strengthening.
          Symax staff of firmly believe that the company is bound to have a more glorious and resplendent tomorrow under the care and support from government departments at different levels and professional institutes, by carrying on huge driving force from various support units, and through Symax staff’ courageous struggles with one mind.