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          Visit of the Leadership of Wuxi Municipal Special Equipment Association

          Update time:2015-01-15 10:41:00 Clicks:2520 times
          On Jan. 15, 2015, Chairman Jiang Nanqing and Executive Vice Chairman & Secretary-general Sun Xiaowei of Wuxi Municipal Special Equipment Association, Wuxi Branch Vice President Xie Zhao and Testing Room Director Lu Linqi of Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province, Director-general Hua of Xishan Quality Inspection Bureau and other leaders came to SYMAX LIFT (CHINA) CO., LTD. for visit and guidance.
          Chairman Mr. Xu Chaofeng reported corporate development and new product development to the leadership. Boost lifts, which are newly released by the company against existing reconstruction demand of old residential communities and prominent problems of aging society, are popular in the market. To improve the quality of home-made boost lifts, and to standardize product safety standards, company leadership and the leadership of Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province have jointly discussed the revision, safety certification and other work related to standards for boost lifts.